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Financial services

Our financial team takes care of the complete invoicing between booksellers and publishers. That ensures that when books and e-books are delivered, their financial processing is immediately taken care of.

We offer booksellers the convenience of offering all purchased books on one single invoice per day. Regardless of the number of publishers purchased from. All discounts, price agreements and commercial conditions agreed between booksellers and publishers are included immediately. We then take care of remittance to the publishers concerned.

Via CB Facturatie, CB takes over the so-called claim of the publishers on the bookseller involved. We also take of the debtor management from the publisher. We also make arrangements with publishers on taking over the debtor risk in cooperation with a credit insurer. Naturally, both publishers and booksellers can always consult the invoices and financial information online.

Michel Koster

Michel Koster

Accountmanager International

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