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Print on demand

Your titles always available in Europe

Do you want to have your book produced only when it is ordered? Or keep a limited stock available? And save costs? With Print on demand you can have all of the above.

Choose Print on demand

With Print on demand (POD), your books are always available and quickly available to your customer. Your benefits:
1. Reduced stock risk - no capital on the shelf and still all titles available for delivery
2. Sustainable - only produce what is used
3. High quality - everything is possible as technology develops quickly
4. Fast - within 24 hours or within 72 hours we produce the books you want

Single copy - your book made instantly after ordering

If you have titles with a lower turnover rate (less than 50 pieces per year), choose stockless publishing with 'Single copy'. As soon as your title is ordered, we produce the book. The bookstore or consumer will receive your book within 24 hours.
We only produce when there is no stock. As soon as there is stock again, we automatically deliver from that stock. Deliver your print files today via CB Online and your customers will never miss out on your books!

Short Print Run: fast print run

Would you like to produce titles with a higher turnover rate (from 50 copies per year) at a low price? Keep bestsellers available that wait a while for new stock from the offset printer? Choose Short Print Run: fast print run at very attractive rates. Depending on your wishes, your new edition will be in stock within 24 or 72 hours.
We produce a Short Print Run directly and don’t charge inbound costs. Would you like to replenish your stock automatically with a short print run as soon as a certain stock level is reached? Then choose 'automatic restocking'. We always replenish your stock on time and your customers never miss out. Arrange your Short Print Run now with or without automatic restocking via CB Online.

Short Print Run 24: super fast print run up to 1000 copies.

Need extra copies now, like today? We print paperbacks in an edition of up to 1000 copies and put them in stock at CB, within 24 hours. CB and Printforce guarantee if you ordered before 20:00 your stock will be replenished next day before 20:00 (80/90 Roman and 80/90 HVO (white) paper). Request your ShortPrintRun24 in CB Online. If you need more than 1000 copies within 24 hours? Usually that is also possible but please contact us.

Many options possible with POD

POD is far more flexible nowadays. We offer you a wide range of paper types (24+), binding methods (yarnless and sewn) and covers (soft and hard cover) and we print in color and black and white. View our Print on demand production menu for an overview or contact us.

Our sister company Printforce has a machine park with high volume printing equipment with large rolls of paper but can also produce quickly and flexibly with sheets of paper. We combine this with industrial binding lines. Our production process is highly automated enabling us to produce multimillion copies a year. This is how controlled quality and competitive price go hand in hand.

Get started right away with Print on demand

Via CB Online you make a book easily available for Print on demand (single copy and short print run). If you have your own production application, you can integrate it with the Printforce back office and portal. Practical information helping you to get started with Print on demand can be found on our support site.
1. Print runs available super fast
2. Sustainable: only make what you use
3. Highest quality printing and binding
4. No stock risk

Your title is always available for the European market

You never miss a sales opportunity

Highest quality printing and binding

No inventory risk

Michel Koster

Michel Koster

Accountmanager International

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