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Print on demand

Your titles always available in Europe

Do you want to have your book produced only when it is ordered? Or keep a limited stock available? And save costs? With Print on demand you can have all of the above.

Choose Print on demand

Do you want to make sure that your titles are always available, even when demand suddenly grows – for example, due to media attention? Are you looking for maximum flexibility? Choose Print on demand from CB and Printforce. We produce around 4.6 million copies annually for domestic and foreign publishers.

Single copy

If you have titles with a low turnover rate, you can decide not to keep any stock. In that way, you have no stock costs and you save on logistics. When your title is ordered, we produce the book and deliver it to the bookstore or the consumer within 24 hours. Just as quickly as titles that are in stock! It is also possible to combine single copy with your stock. When you run out of stock, CB will automatically ensure that the order to print on demand is produced and delivered.

Short Print Run

Do you have titles with a higher turnover rate or bestsellers that are waiting for new stock from an offset printer? Short print runs (SPR) enables a publisher to immediately answer market demand and offers better production then single copy production. You can easily order an SPR and seamlessly integrate items in stock at CB. CB can also define rules for automatic replenishment with an SPR whenever stock reaches a certain level.

Many options possible

We offer you a wide range of paper types, binding methods, covers (soft and hard), colours and black and white. Recently CB and Printforce have a new print solution for very high quality (ProStream 1000). We would like to show you what this solution can do for you.

Would you like more information? Please contact Hubert de Koning +31 643 167 474.

Printforce and CB from 2010 a succesful and reliable team

CB and Printforce started their collaboration in 2010 in the joint venture: Joint Book Services, the first printing line within CB with a focus on single copy. That company has grown into a successful producer of books. In 2017 CB and Printforce decided to work even more closely together to meet the growing demand for efficient production and logistics. CB is now co-owner (50%) of Printforce and Printforce has moved to Culemborg. In this way book production and logistics are fully connected.

Your title is always available for the European market

You never miss a sales opportunity

Highest quality printing and binding

No inventory risk

Hubert de Koning CB

Hubert de koning

commercial manager
Would you like more information? Feel free to contact me

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