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Mission, vision and values

At CB, we work on the basis of the following mission, vision and values.


We help our customers by connecting people, markets, products and information. Reliable, independent and service-oriented.


CB connects (logistic) chains and develops into a director of networks and logistic partnerships. For this purpose, we offer a high-quality and complete package of logistics and related services. Innovative and with an international ambition.


Every day, we work together to deliver the performance that makes our customers happy. We do this on the basis of our core customer values:

- We work from the customer's point of view

We want to know and understand our client and his development so that we can contribute to their success every day. We like to be in contact with our customers and ensure that every contact is a pleasant experience for our customer.

- We work together

Collaboration makes us strong. Everyone has his or her own qualities - the combination of these makes us powerful. Together we move forward and our work is more fun. This also applies to working together with customers, suppliers and partners.

- We take responsibility

Customers and colleagues can count on us. We are proactive, help others, finish things, have an eye for improvement opportunities and make them come true.

- We are reliable

Every day we deliver top logistic performance: by appointment, on time and complete. We've been doing that for almost 150 years (and we're quite proud of that). We say what we do and do what we say, it's in our DNA.

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In 1871 het Bestelhuis van den Nederlandschen Boekhandel was established.

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CB is a private company with an executive board and a supervisory board.

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