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Achieving sustainability together

Green initiatives.

As a logistics company, we want to leave the smallest possible footprint. We’ve done quite a lot already, and will continue to do so. On this page, you can read what we are doing and what we plan to do in the future.

What we’re already doing

We opt for the following sustainable options with our customers and suppliers:

  • Reusing boxes, saving 200,000 kilos of cardboard a year

  • Generate sustainable energy: 468,000 kWh a year

  • Produce only the books you need with Print-on-demand

  • Newly built warehouse according to BREEAM excellent standard

  • And more...

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What we’re going to do

Embed sustainability even further in our work. We want to go green on the following points, among others:

  • Reporting according to the CSRD

  • Less packaging, more sustainable packaging

  • Energy savings in our warehouses: smarter use of our machinery

  • Reduced returns through collaboration in the chain

  • And more...

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