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CB stands for almost 150 years of experience in logistics services and distributes physical books and e-books, in the shopping street and online in the Netherlands and Belgium. CB also offers logistics solutions for the Healthcare industry. With over 800 professionals, we contributeto the success of our customers every day .

Our history starts in 1871 with the establishment of 'het Bestelhuis van den Nederlandschen Boekhandel' (Order house of the Dutch Bookstore). Prior to that time, bookstores had to write several publishers for their orders and they received their books through all sorts of ways. An inefficient and costly process. 'The Association to promote the importance of Bookshops' took the initiative to found the Order House for central storage, processing and delivery of books. This resulted in a unique logistics solution for the book sector, which still benefits all parties to this day. From 1926 the company was called Centraal Boekhuis and in 1973 it moved from Amsterdam to Culemborg. With the arrival of the internet, E-commerce services were started in 1999.

Since 2012 we are also active in the Healthcare industry, which was one of the reasons to change to company name from Centraal Boekhuis to our current trade name: CB. In honor of the 150th anniversary of CB, His Majesty King Willem-Alexander awarded the Royal Predicate to CB on April 6, 2021. The honorable award is a crowning glory of our work.