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CB is a privately held company with a management board and a supervisory board. The shares of this company are held by the Foundation for the Management of Shares of Central Book House B.V.


The management of CB consists of Hans Willem Cortenraad (Managing Director), Jaco Gulmans (P&O), Ronald Janssen (IT), Marinus Ploos van Amstel (Operations), Manon Quaedvlieg (CFO), Peter-Paul Spanjaard (Strategy, Governance & Legal) and Mathijs Suidman (Media).

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board consists of Bert Meerstadt (chairman), Kitty Koelemeijer, Sheila Leenders, Peter van Laarhoven, Peter Tieleman, Patrick Swart en Geert Noorman (vice chairman).

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About CB

CB stands for 150 years of experience in logistics services.

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In 1871 het Bestelhuis van den Nederlandschen Boekhandel was established.

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