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Fulfilment and shipping for Gladskin, worldwide

Gladskin's products are unique and innovative and solve skin problems. People worldwide order these products at gladskin.com. CB Healthcare keeps the products in stock and provides cross border shipping.

The advantages for Gladskin?

  • Interface with Shopify
  • Scalable: large growth of number of orders no problem
  • Late orders (late cut off)
  • Flexible: many varying volumes due to promotions and actions processed immediately
  • Joint forecasting
  • Next day delivery in the Benelux
  • A dedicated team with attention for the product and the customer

Feel free to talk further?

Would you also like to have no worries about the logistics behind your national or international webshop(s)? CB Healthcare is the specialist in B2C fulfilment for Health & Care products. For more information please contact Bart Sanders at b.sanders@cb.nl or 06-51445440 or Jacco van der Kamp at j.van.der.kamp@cb.nl or 06-51184375.





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Een innovatieve kijk op logistiek

Ordering behavior changes, our logistics grows with it

Producers, retailers and (healthcare) organizations keep ever smaller stocks. Rightly so; it takes up space and it is a shame if products go past their sell-by date. The size of orders is decreasing and the number of orders is increasing.

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Logistics in times of peaks

Our client Paula's Choice, an international skin care brand, runs various marketing campaigns worldwide. For instance, around black friday and glamour day, the number of orders grows enormously. Together with Paula's Choice, we always make a good forecast and we quickly scale down or up when necessary.

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International delivery to healthcare professionals for Protex

As a Healthcare specialist, we understand better than anyone the importance of delivering on time. Like to the healthcare professionals who work with Protex Healthcare products. They don't want to miss out. Even if they work in Asia or Africa. CB Healthcare makes sure of it.

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