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Media | 22 March 2017

Media focus on books and authors provides additional momentum at CB

Every day we 'pick' hundreds of thousands of books at CB for booksellers and consumers. In different quantities (from 1 copy to hundreds), bestsellers, niche titles, with a choice of over 110,000 titles. Each book should be for 'grabs'. These numbers call for smart logistics. How do we do that? We give you a quick look behind the scenes.

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Media | 14 March 2017

CB and Printforce explore further integration of print and logistics of the book

Logistic service provider CB and printing company Printforce are exploring the possibility to further strengthen their partnership. By doing so, the companies are looking to optimize the alignment with the market’s ‘on-demand printing needs’. This applies as well to larger print runs, special productions, and to foreign books and magazines. The use of new technologies will furthermore drive down costs.

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Media | 16 February 2017

A night at CB

At night, we work hard to process all the orders. The last orders come in at 23:00 and the first trucks leave at 04:00.

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