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Media | 11 April 2018

New infographics: Online sales continu to rise

Today we publish the e-bookbarometer and bookbarometer about Q1 of 2018. The figures show a very slight decline in sales of the physical book (-1.8%) and an increase in e-book sales compared to 2017 (5.4%). The share of online sales of the physical book and the turnover of e-book subscriptions continues to rise in 2018.

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| 27 September 2017

CB and Printforce integrate services

Logistics service provider CB and digital printing company Printforce are integrating their processes so that (on demand) production and distribution of books seamlessly complement each other. Together, these parties offer publishers and booksellers better service by shortening the supply chain: books delivered even faster to the consumer. CB is sealing the partnership by acquiring 50% of the shares of Printforce.

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| 31 March 2017

175,000 Gruffalos arrive in Culemborg

175,000 Gruffalos, in 5,833 boxes, on 130 pallets for 784 bookstores in the Netherlands and 32 in Belgium. A huge logistic task for the Dutch campaign Ik wil een prentenboek! (I want a picture book!).

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Media | 22 March 2017

Media focus on books and authors provides additional momentum at CB

Every day we 'pick' hundreds of thousands of books at CB for booksellers and consumers. In different quantities (from 1 copy to hundreds), bestsellers, niche titles, with a choice of over 110,000 titles. Each book should be for 'grabs'. These numbers call for smart logistics. How do we do that? We give you a quick look behind the scenes.

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