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31 October 2023

CB Printforce UK Commits to Next Phase of Growth with Latest Canon Digital Printers

CB Printforce UK , a subsidiary of CB Printforce B.V. in the Netherlands, known for its efficient and customized digital production of books, magazines, and periodicals, has recently invested in Canon's latest printers. This allows Printforce to continue its growth in England. Our international customers also benefit greatly from these modern machines. They now have access to the latest digital printing techniques at both locations, close to the end user, in England and the Netherlands.

Printforce was established in 2001 in the Netherlands and began operations in England in 2019 with the launch of the paperback production line, followed by an expansion into hardcovers. In a short time, Printforce has grown into a major supplier for many international customers, supported by Printforce in the transition to on-demand printing, made possible by modern workflow processes and competitive pricing.

To meet ambitious new customer demands, Printforce has sought new equipment for its English location. The Canon ColorStream 8000 and varioPRINT iX 3200, printers that significantly improve capacity, speed, and quality, fit seamlessly into this strategy. These machines enable a transition to 'roll-to-roll printing' with a separate finishing system, providing more stability and flexibility throughout the production workflow. With the addition of the iX Series, we are also starting to phase out toner equipment, allowing us to fully transition to more sustainable inkjet technology.

Choosing a state-of-the-art machine like the ColorStream 8000, Printforce increases productivity and can meet tighter deadlines without interruption. Since the installation of this machine, production speed has nearly doubled. This provides more flexibility and efficiency in terms of paper. In addition, customers can now choose from an extensive range of applications while minimizing the amount of waste. The low power and ink consumption of the printers were also important considerations in choosing these new machines, helping Printforce achieve its desired goals in terms of sustainability and total cost of ownership.

Mathijs Suidman, CCO of CB, says: "The choice for Canon and Printing on Demand in England is a conscious decision by CB and Printforce. We can now support our customers even better because we can offer them sustainable and cost-efficient solutions in both the English and European markets. Interesting for international publishers, as this reduces long-distance traffic between the EU and the UK."

Rombout Eikelenboom, Managing Partner, CB Printforce adds: “Customers now expect faster turnaround times and higher quality products than ever before, so we are grateful to have Canon by our side. With the Canon team, we can trust that processes will run smoothly while we focus on maintaining strong relationships with our international customers.”