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29 April 2019

Noordhoff Uitgevers outsources logistics to CB

Noordhoff Uitgevers (part of Infinitas Learning) outsources the complete storage and distribution of its teaching methods and (study) books to logistics service provider CB. CB has started with the first deliveries to customers of the educational publisher in May 2019.

What are we going to do

CB realizes inventory management for Noordhoff and the delivery to school book specialists, booksellers, web shops, schools, universities and students. We also accommodate sight shipments, assessment copies and processing of returns.

The move from Noordhoff stocks to CB started at the end of March. An impressive logistical operation: around 14,000 pallets with more than 4.5 million textbooks for secondary education, higher vocational education, intermediate vocational education, primary education and atlases are being relocated.

"With CB, we have a partner who knows the book industry in general, and the educational sector in particular extremely well, and who knows the logistical challenge that our demand entails," said Maarten Cleeren of Noordhoff, Director of Learning Solutions. “Speed, quality and the ability to move quickly in a changing market have played an important role in our choice. We are convinced we can deliver to our customers on time and without errors. "

Mathijs Suidman, Media CB Director, is delighted with this development: ”Noordhoff is a large and innovative educational publisher. We already work together in a very pleasant way in the preliminary phase, so we look forward to continuing our collaboration. ”

With Noordhoff, CB expands its clientele of educational publishers in a valuable way. Growth in the educational sector fits in seamlessly with CB's strategy.

About Noordhoff

Noordhoff Uitgevers, based in Groningen and Utrecht, develops innovative, future-oriented, high-quality learning solutions for everyone who learns. A digital knowledge society means that we learn all our lives. By working together with customers on continuous innovation, our solutions get the best out of students, students, teachers and professionals for a lifetime. Noordhoff Uitgevers is part of Infinitas Learning.