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18 April 2019

Annual report CB 2018

CB can look back on a good year with a profit of more than 11 million (EBIT) and a turnover of more than 90 million. Striking developments include the integration of print and logistics processes with Printforce and the growth of logistics activities.

Development offer for the Media sector

As a warehousing and distribution partner for publishers, bookshops and online book providers, CB further expanded its services in 2018 with the main priorities print on demand, sustainable logistics and the development of a range of services. In 2017, CB acquired 50% of the shares in digital printing company Printforce, which moved to CB's distribution location in Culemborg in 2018, where a state-of-the-art print park was established.

Growth in Healthcare

In 2018 CB expanded the storage and distribution activities of medical devices. The revenue of CB's "Hulpmiddelbezorgd.nl" has more than doubled. Customer satisfaction remained at a high level. The logistics activities for suppliers of care products also grew in 2018.


The transport and logistics industry has an important role in achieving the (inter)national climate objectives. As a logistics partner for media and healthcare products, CB also has ambitious environmental objectives: 40% less CO2 and 80% less particulate matter emissions in 2020. Substantial reduction was also achieved in 2018 through smart cooperation with transport partners and the purchase of an LNG truck .

Multi-year plan

CB makes a long-term plan periodically. Therefore, we have already outlined our strategy for the 2018-2022 period. CB follows the most important trends in the media industry. With the new print factory in Culemborg, the company is responding to customer demand for faster production and delivery times, higher quality and more international books via Print on demand (POD). To facilitate growth, CB is investing in the construction of a new warehouse in Culemborg, which is expected to open at the end of 2020. In addition, CB wants to grow in the general as well as the educational and scientific book industry with national and international titles. In addition to the activities in the Netherlands, the company is further expanding its services in Belgium.

Healthcare is a growing market: we are all getting older and we increasingly need healthcare products that are preferably delivered to our homes. To keep healthcare affordable, the costs must be reduced. A smarter design of the chain of manufacturers, health insurers, health care providers and patients can make an important contribution. This offers opportunities for CB to grow.