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17 July 2019

Book barometer first half of 2019: light growth

CB is releasing a new book barometer that includes developments in the Dutch book landscape in the first half of 2019. The total sales of general books increased by 1.2%. Also e-book sales (+ 4.6%) and e -book lending (+ 8.4%) continue to grow, as does e-book subscriptions (net sales increase by more than 73%).

The average price of physical books continues to rise, just as the price of e-books for the last 2 years. In the development of Print on demand (digital printing of books on demand) we see an increase in the short print run - higher print runs via print on demand.

The growth in the number of printed titles in school and academic books that is visible has to do with the growth of CB in the educational sector. For the general book CB has an overview of the total Dutch market (almost). This does not apply to the educational sector.

Take a look at the Book Barometer 2019 as JPG
Download the Book Barometer 2019 as PDF