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10 September 2020

CB Healthcare grows

In July 2020 we finalized our collaboration with PostNL with the start of our joint venture. We are very enthusiastic about this. Together we can help the healthcare sector even better by delivering the right products at the right time. By joining forces, we can respond more flexibly to changes and growth in the healthcare market and offer new services that fit the industry.

Addition to our logo

We would like to underline the position of CB Healthcare with an addition to our logo: the strength and experience of CB combined with our knowledge of and customized solutions for the healthcare market.

CB Healthcare grows

CB Healthcare offers services that fit the healthcare sector of the future. Whether it concerns medical devices for clients at home, medical products for healthcare professionals or care products ordered over the internet: CB Healthcare works for a growing number of clients.

Would you like to know more about our developments or catch up? Please feel free to contact us (on the photo Bart Sanders, Sabine Roelofsen, Patricia Maas, Suzanne Kalkman, Anne de Leijer, Henrico Zondag).

CB Healthcare grows