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European distribution

fast and reliable distribution throughout the EU

CB has unique position in the world as a pure book distributor. Being a shared service center to and owned by 95% of all Dutch publishers and (online) booksellers. In the almost 150 years of existence of the company, CB has managed to build the most efficient and state of the art distribution platform. CB is expanding its business to international publisher who are in need for fast and reliable distribution throughout the EU.

In a market where physical book sales becomes more demanding, both in terms cost-effective distribution and high customer demand CB is expanding its distribution services to the EU.

The ideal hub for the European mainland

With the highly automated distribution center with fully integrated, best in class print on demand and optimal logistic connections into Europe, CB is the ideal hub for the European mainland. CB is to European book distribution what Schiphol is for international travelers to Europe.

By keeping stock and having books produced in a seamless and consolidated process, int’l publishers are able to fulfil their delivery promises quickly'.


Print on demand services are fulfilled by Printforce. Printforce is the leading high quality book printer in EU. The customer base of Printforce consist of the larger scientific int’l publishers and trade publishers. Printforce runs an operation both in the Netherlands (Culemborg) and in the UK (Biggleswade) and therefore is able to service int’l publishers with fast en reliable (Brexit proof) delivery to customers both in the EU and in the UK. CB is a shareholder in Printforce.

Would you like more information? Please contact Mathijs Suidman on +31 345 47 58 24.

Michel Koster

Michel Koster

Accountmanager International

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