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7 February 2023

The educative season: kicking off with primary education

In the first month of 2023, we mainly focused on the delivery of books to students who start their 2nd semester courses and to stock new books. Of course we do this for our existing customers, but also for new publishing customers such as Averbode (part of Plantyn) from Belgium and Sanomas local subsidiary Malmberg. We adapted our Logistics Centre for School and Textbooks to this expansion.

We are also preparing the VSO season for primary education. "VSOs are 'Preschool Season Bulkorders'," says Jochum of CB. "We are filling our warehouses with the books and pass this on to the warehouses of primary education distributors. They will, in the end make packages for primary schools. With publishers and distributors we discuss the expected numbers and how we will supply this to them.

Practical agreements for efficient process

This concerns practical matters, for example: can a double-layer loaded trailer be unloaded? On which days or weeks, can titles be dropshipped and from which publisher? The moment a publisher submits the orders, we at CB already know when and how to deliver the orders to the relevant distributors.

In the VSO period for primary education, we distribute almost 3 million copies, quickly and efficiently. A nice cooperation in the triangle of publisher, distributor and CB.