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3 November 2022

CO2-neutral delivery in Oldenzaal and Hengelo

From 7 November 2022, CB, in collaboration with MSG, will deliver CO2-neutral to customers in the cities of Oldenzaal and Hengelo. With this initiative we expand the number of cities where CB delivers CO2-neutral again! We grow together with partners such as MSG, CityHub, Groene Rijders, Addink Transport and LessGo.

MSG has been supplying our customers in Enschede since October, without CO2 emissions. Now we are expanding the collaboration further to Oldenzaal and Hengelo. The collaboration with MSG fits in with our policy to further reduce CO2 and emissions. We focus on our own electric transport, sustainable diesel, LNG trucks and, above all, cooperation with partners for the bundling of goods flows and thus reducing milage.


MSG offers various logistics services and has, among others, (cargo) bicycle couriers and electric buses in-house. 73% of the more than 500 people working at MSG have some distance to the labor market. All people with a heart for their profession as a delivery person, sorter or courier. MSG thus contributes to a more inclusive and sustainable world.

We are very much looking forward to working with MSG. More information about our sustainable initiatives can be found at Sustainable Together.