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Achieving sustainability together: what we’re already doing

Reuse, recycling, sustainable transport... all of these things result in significant green savings. Read more about these sustainable initiatives by CB below.

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The reuse of boxes saves 200,000 kilos of cardboard a year

As part of the ‘Give this box a second date’ campaign, we encourage our retail customers to give our drivers back the boxes we use to deliver goods to them. Once they’re back in the warehouse we clean the boxes, if necessary, and use them again. On average we use every box 1.5 times. Together with our customers, we save 200,000 kilos of cardboard per year (2021) in this way.

All of our packaging materials are purchased locally and are FSC-certified. This might seem obvious, but it has a significant environmental impact.

We generate sustainable energy: 468,000 kWh a year

Like many other companies, CB has solar panels fitted to the roof. What’s even more special is that we have solar panels fitted to the walls as well. Together, these panels produce 468,000 kWh a year, which is roughly equals the electricity consumption of 134 households. Thanks to the installation of solar panels, we avoid 222 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

Due to the structure, many of our roofs are not suitable for solar panels. For this reason, we’re keeping a close watch on developments related to solar foil and other solutions.

Produce only the books you need with Print-on-demand

A significant percentage of the books we have in storage ultimately never ends up with the reader. Needless to say, when a customer asks us to remove old books from stock we choose the most environmentally friendly waste processing/recycling method. It is even better when we prevent this waste stream in the first place. Print-On-Demand offers a solution to this problem. Super-fast book production means that books are always available, which means you don’t need to keep large stocks to guarantee fast delivery. Our clients not only benefit in terms of the environment, but also in economic terms: no residual stocks and no unnecessary costs for production or storage. Moreover, we manage to reduce our footprint together: we achieve a reduction of approximately 1.11 kilos of CO2 per book and 2 to 13 litres of water per A4 page, depending on the type of paper.

All the CB printing facilities have the option of Ecolabel, PEFC or FSC certified paper. All of our paper types are produced with green energy. What’s more, we are continually introducing more sustainable types of paper.

Particularly for publishers abroad, we are reducing the footprint with Print-On-Demand. SAGE Publishing, for example, has chosen not to ship its products to Europe but to produce them locally in our printing facilities.

Sustainable transport: reduction of particulate matter and CO2

CB has been working for years to make its transport more sustainable. Over the last five years, we achieved a 55% reduction of CO2 and an 80% reduction of particulate matter, and we are continuing to develop green transport. These reductions are mainly due to our collaboration with CO2-neutral city carriers such as Lessgo and City Hub, our own electric buses, the cleanest diesel engines (Euronorm 6), LNG trucks for long distances and cargo bikes for short distances.

We also work closely with a network of carriers. Thanks to a smart planning system, we can combine cargo flows and in that way reduce our mileage.

In June 2022, CB was awarded its third Lean & Green star.

Fewer packing slips saves millions of sheets of paper

We offer our customers the option of not adding a packing slip in B2C orders. Many customers are already using this option, which means that together we are saving around 2 million A4 sheets per year. CB also takes the initiative to no longer add packing slips to B2B deliveries in the long term.

And of course...

We now use LED lighting at all our locations. Together with our partner Renewi, we facilitate waste separation and sustainable recycling. Our coffee cups are 100% biodegradable and produced in a CO2-neutral way. Motion sensors are fitted in all our spaces so when there is no-one around the lights go off, and we also save on heating and cooling. CB has a sustainability team with representatives from all our organisational units.

We told you above what we are already doing in terms of sustainability. Here you can read more about we are planning to do in the future..