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30 January 2020

Springer Nature chooses CB for European distribution

Research publisher Springer Nature selects CB as a global distribution partner. As of 2021 CB will hold stock for Springer Nature and take care of delivery to its customers, including wholesalers, booksellers and consumers.

Springer Nature is already a valued customer of CB’s sister company Printforce for the production of books. By outsourcing the European distribution to CB, Springer Nature makes use of the unique possibility to seamlessly consolidate orders from stock and print on demand (POD), which will enable improved delivery times and availability for their customers.

Ray Colon, Springer Nature’s Executive Vice President, Customer Service, Fulfilment and Logistics, said: “CB is committed to helping us realise our long-term strategic goals for a seamless printing and distribution solution. Through their integrated print-on-demand and high-calibre logistics services we aim to exceed our customers’ expectations.”

With the arrival of Springer Nature, CB expands its services to supply locations throughout Europe. CEO of CB Hans Willem Cortenraad: “Our customers increasingly ask us to deliver inside as well as outside the Netherlands and Belgium. With our highly automated distribution center with fully integrated, best in class print on demand and optimal logistic connections into Europe, we are their ideal hub for the European mainland. CB is to European book distribution what Schiphol is for international travelers to Europe. By keeping stock and having books produced in the Netherlands, customers such as Springer Nature are able to fulfil their delivery promises quickly'.

Collaboration Printforce and CB

Printforce is the market leader in Europe in the field of high-quality on-demand book production. Both in single-copy and short-print-run stock replenishment. In 2018 CB and Printforce fully integrated their services, allowing customers to receive their products faster: a unique combination of state-of-the-art print production and efficient logistics.

CB has an ambition to grow in the distribution and production of scientific books in an international market.

About Springer Nature

Springer Nature opens the doors to discovery for researchers, educators, clinicians and other professionals. For over 175 years Springer Nature’s brands have been a trusted source of knowledge for these communities and its imprints, books, journals, platforms and technology solutions continue to reach millions of people, every day, around the globe.