11 April 2018

New infographics: Online sales continu to rise

Today we publish the e-bookbarometer and bookbarometer about Q1 of 2018. The figures show a very slight decline in sales of the physical book (-1.8%) and an increase in e-book sales compared to 2017 (5.4%). The share of online sales of the physical book and the turnover of e-book subscriptions continues to rise in 2018.

Book barometer Q1 2018

The share of online sales on thetotal physical books is 18.0% higher than the same quarter a year ago. The total sales of the physical book fell slightly by -1.8% compared to a year ago. The development in the field of Printing on Demand shows the same picture as last quarter; an upward trend in sales and number of titles. The book barometer has a new chart for sales for bookstore and online per genre.

E-book barometer Q1 2018

The new chart 'sales in channels per genre' shows that subscriptions are particularly successful in fiction and children's books. The library has the most loans in the field of travel, romance, children and educational. The best selling genres are especially thrillers, management and people and development. Loans from e-books rose 18.0% compared to the same quarter last year and 18.7% higher than the previous 12 months. 7.1% of all sales is an e-book. This is a slight increase compared to the previous quarter (+ 0.1%).

Download the bookbarometer Q1 2018

Download the e-bookbarometer Q1 2018

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