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5 September 2022

CB receives third Lean & Green Star for CO2 reduction

On 1 September, CB officially received the third Lean & Green Star for CO2 reduction in transport. CB achieved a reduction of 15.6% in the past two years, after having previously reduced CO2 by 20%.

"We focus on various element," says Marinus Ploos van Amstel of CB in an interview with Lean & Green. "From the planning of smarter routes together with partners to sustainable fuel, electric transport and environmentally friendlier driving behaviour."

With this third star, CB is one of the sustainable frontrunners among carriers in Europe. The CO2 reduction is achieved through several actions:

  • More cooperation with (city) transport partners including LessGo, City Hub and Groene Rijders who deliver the last mile in city centers completely CO2-neutral.
  • 'Green & safe driving': a tool to help drivers developing their driving style in order to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Improvement of the fleet (such as electric transport and CNG trucks).
  • Using alternative fuel HVO020 (HVO20 is a sustainable diesel made from vegetable waste).
  • Optimizing routes and transport network so that (along with partners) less kilometers need to be covered for (joint) deliveries.

CB received the certificate that belongs to the third star from Connekt, the initiator of Lean & Green Europe. The program now has more than 500 participating shippers and companies in logistics. They are committed to continuously reducing their CO2 emissions. The aim is to structurally reduce CO2 emissions within logistics through smart and efficient measures and innovation.

New technology

"Sustainability has become an important subject on our agenda," says Ploos van Amstel. "In addition to sustainable transport, we are also taking steps towards less packaging materials and the reuse of these material generating green energy and also saving energy in our warehouses and reducing the number of returns. Cooperation with partners and customers is crucial. In addition, we are constantly investigating how new technology can help us, for example, we are involved in an initiative of the Province of Gelderland in the field of hydrogen."