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25 January 2024

Good news from Van Ditmar and CB about foreign books

Update on Van Ditmar's ordering service

For a number of years Van Ditmar's foreign book ordering service has been available in CB Online. Van Ditmar and CB will start further improving this ordering service. We will use feedback from booksellers for this and will, among other things, provide better product information. The renewed ordering service will be live this spring!

Top trade titles directly available from CB's warehouses

Soon hundreds of popular Van Ditmar titles will be available for direct delivery from CB in Culemborg. This way, we are increasing the delivery speed of popular YA and Booktok titles and fiction and non-fiction bestsellers. In addition, booksellers will receive these titles at the same time with the rest of their CB order; very efficient. We expect to launch this initiative in April and will keep you posted.

Please contact us for more information.